Modern API Monitoring & Testing

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assignment Major Use Cases & Benefits
  • data_usage Automated API Monitoring
    • Keep your API chugging along with fully automated monitoring.
  • data_usage Deploy With Confidence
    • Don't deploy a weak API. Catch regressions immediately by using our advanced testing framework for continuous and automatic external API testing.
  • data_usage Free For Open Source
    • API Owl loves the open source community. If you have an open source project that could benefit from our tools, let us know and you'll get it all free.
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flash_on Multi-faceted Feature Set

For Development
  • build Inbound Capture
    • Stop spinning up single use scripts to capture inbound requests. With inbound capture, you can send arbitrary requests to your console to analyze their headers and payload in real time and store them for later.
  • build API/Request Mocking
    • Quickly stand up mocked APIs with fixed responses to test external integrations with third party vendors or simulate requests into your own API.
  • build Request Relaying
    • With request relaying, you can divert and replay incoming requests to arbitrary URLs to log traffic going through them.
For Production
  • settings Advanced API Monitoring
    • The days of pinging your API manually are over. With our monitoring framework, you can schedule pings to run at customizable intervals to any endpoint, anywhere, and assert responses are what you expect them to be. If your API begins to misbehave, you'll be notified immediately.
  • settings Crunch Statistical Data
    • Every action taken, scheduled or real-time, is logged and preserved for use later in analytics and metric analysis. Solid historical data is a proven tool in informed decision making at all levels of a company.
  • settings Built For Teams, Built For You
    • Team development was on the forefront from the beginning and solid team features that you'd expect are already baked into the product.

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